Consciously Create Your Reality

Are you where you thought you would be 2 years ago?
Do you feel like you “should” be more successful? Better at relationship?
More confident?
✨ Don’t allow the idea of what your life is supposed to look like determine how you feel about it.✨
You have the power to DEFINE what YOU & your life feels like, looks like, and where it GOES.
Forget the “shoulds”, create from an authentic place, & design the life you desire.

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The mind is so powerful. We are what we believe. The world is what we believe it is. How do we know we believe it? Based on what information (& energies) we ALLOW ourselves to take in. After all, YOU’RE in control of what you let into your thoughts and energy field.
This is information coming from friends and family, information from the news, information from a book, conversations you have with friends.
Your texts. Your music.
The style of clothes you choose.
Your comments. The phrases that seem innocent but if you take a second to break down what you’re saying, you’ll notice it’s not something you believe.

Take a second to ponder on this message.
Your energy and thoughts are reflected back at you. Every single bit of information you put into your mind – into your energy sphere – will manifest into your reality, adding up to how you see, feel, and experience the world. Is your world a friendly or hostile world?
In the end, you find that how you interpret your reality determines how you react to the world – who you allow in – what you watch – who you listen to, etc. When you notice that AND you implement it into your life, you notice your world starts to change.
People start to come into your life – or you start isolating yourself – trying to find what life means to you, what reality means to you – that’s an important step. You need that step.
You need that dark night of the soul to truly find your light – The light that has been fed to you isn’t yours. The light that is yours is the one that comes from within – don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.
It doesn’t come from a “god” that is separate from you.
It doesn’t come from the partner you’ve had for years – it doesn’t come from your kids – your accomplishments – your desires – your home – your money – it comes from within.
It doesn’t come from nature nor does it come from anything else because ultimately YOU ARE EVERYTHING IN ONE!!! YOU. ARE. EVERYTHING. IN. ONE. BODY. ONE BEING. ONE ENTITY. YOU ARE EVERYTHING!!!
Without you, your reality doesn’t exist. Does it? How do you know? You’re not there to experience it. So we can only infer then that you are the creator of this reality.
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