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Hey my loves! I thought I’d break the pattern of what’s being talking about and talk about MONEY – or investing – one of the many popular topics I’m asked to talk about.

In this episode, I’ll be going through the basics of investing. I’ll discuss:

  • What mindset you need to have BEFORE investing your money
  • Why it’s important to invest in what you believe in
  • Where and how to invest
  • Tips, tricks, and some sound advice

Here are the links I promised where you can sign up to invest. I’m including my personal links which will give you extra benefits – and I’ll list them out.

  • Stash: I invest in stocks and bonds with them, along with using it as a personal bank account. When you sign up with the link below, you’ll get $20 after investing your first $5 –
  • Fundrise: I use this to invest in real estate funds. They show you all of the properties you’re invested in and update you consistently on what’s going on in your portfolio –
  • Coinbase & Robinhood: I invest in cryptocurrency with them.

I hope you guys benefited from this episode! If you did, I’d love to hear from you through a review 🙂

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