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What does your life look like in 5 years? Here's how you can manifest it.

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“Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.”

Take a moment to ponder this amazing truth of life: At any point, you, my lovely friend, may have an idea or thought that will transform your entire life. Amazing to think about, right?

Every single idea ever created started as a mental picture or a thought. It started off as a desire that led to action steps that brought the idea into physical reality. That’s the power of your mind.


When Oprah was 8 years old, living through poverty, she kept repeating to herself, “My life won’t be like this. My life won’t be like this, it will be better.” Now, her life is more than she could have imagined! She used mantras along with vision boards to see the life she wanted to on a daily basis. Both are GREAT technique. When Jim Carrey wanted to become an actor, he visualized it on a daily basis and wrote himself a $10 million dollar check. He’s now worth $150 million! Will smith is also a huge advocate of positive thinking, especially when it comes to your future.


For all of them, it started with a dream for a better life and led to an abundance of success. It is a wish that their heart desired. Rather than focusing on and repeating the same sad story, they mentally created a new positive story for themselves. They created a vision. If you desire a change, my friend, you can and SHOULD start repeating a new story for yourself and create a new vision.

Why A Vision?

You can’t manifest anything if you don’t see it in your mind’s eye. You have to give the universe a mental picture, or a vision, from which to create. A vision is the foundation from which the universe builds on. The story you are telling yourself on a constant basis is being manifested in your life.

The negative and self-limiting belief of “I don’t have enough” is reflected in your negative bank account balance or anxiousness when you spend money.

The positive thoughts and belief of “There is abundance all around me” is reflected in the promotion or compliment you receive.

Your thoughts are also manifested through your emotions. Take for example the times you get upset or frustrated and you’re unsure why. It’s the thoughts and beliefs that you’re unaware of, that have become habitual, being expressed.

To create a new story you have to create new beliefs about where you’re going. You need to give the universe an exact end result, a positive image, of what it is you want to see and create. It can be a significant other, a tiny home (like me, haha), passive income, or even your own online business. You pick because it’s YOUR LIFE!

But… how do you create a vision? Where do you start?

Through my 26 (and counting) years of experience, I have found that the best way to manifest a new life is by writing out an ideal day in that new life.

Below, I have included a guide you can use to break down your ideal day into 3 sections: morning, afternoon, and evening. Click on the image, download the fill-able PDF and create your new story. I have also included some questions to think about through the process.


Here are some tips and tricks that you can use when writing out your ideal day:

  1. You need to include specific details about your day. What did you do all day? Who did you see? What did you eat?
  2. You need to be specific about how you felt throughout the whole day and WHY.
    • Did you feel sleepy when you woke up because you partied all night or did you jump out of bed because you have things schedule that you’re excited about?
    • Do you feel grateful for how much abundance you have? Loved because your partner gave you a surprise party? Healthy and fit because you just left the gym? GET CREATIVE AND, for a second, LET YOURSELF FEEL THOSE FEELING.
  3. You may also want to include the beliefs you had throughout the day. For example, are you a great athlete? Are you a great performer, writer, or artist? Do you have a lot of friends and close family?

Once you have your ideal day written out, read it to yourself, out loud or in your head every day and start creating a new story for yourself. This is the first step to getting unstuck, creating new beliefs for yourself and your future, and start heading towards the life of your your dreams.

Please share with me your visions and dreams but tagging me anywhere on social media @happyrichhippie. I look forward to reading your aspirations and manifest with you!!

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