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Manifesting through self love, are you ready?!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner…

One lesson I’ve learned about my journey is that before anything started happening manifestation wise, I had to start paying attention to myself. I had to care about what I wanted and have enough energy behind it to TAKE ACTION!

Paying attention to MY THOUGHTS made me focus on how I was talking to myself. From then, I knew (and practiced) how to redirect my thoughts from negative -> neutral -> positive.

Paying attention to WHAT I WANTED allowed me focus on the life I DESIRED, not the one I was told to live.

It all BEGAN with loving myself and caring about myself and my life ENOUGH to want to change it. That was the CATALYST!

Which is exactly why I’ve decided to start a 5 day self love challenge. This JOURNEY will help you embody your highest self and start living from that space so that you can create the lifestyle you desire – from the inside OUT!

In other words, in order to MANIFEST the life I wanted, I had to start thinking and behaving like the Hanan that had that life.

From there, everything unfolded.

To EMBODY means “to be an expression of, or give a tangible or visible form, to”

Embodying your higher self starts with loving yourself.

It starts with embodying your soul’s calling.

If you’re not happy with your level of self worth or self confidence at the moment, please know, you’re able to consciously change how you feel about yourself, your body, your lifestyle, your dreams, etc.!

The goal for this journey is to empower you to not ONLY to love yourself, but also to TRUST yourself so that you can reach a new level of awareness and appreciation for WHO ARE YOU and WHAT YOU’RE MEAN TO DO IN THIS LIFE.

Join the 5 day self love challenge below:


    When you empower yourself, you’re able to reach a new level of energy. When you start vibrating at a different frequency, you start to feel BETTER. When you FEEL better, you start doing better things and behaving in ways that embody that version of you.

    If you feel a higher level confidence, you’re more likely to step up and take new opportunities.

    When you empower and love yourself, you’re more likely to do things that are good for your body and soul, like eat a good meal, take a nap, relax, meet up with a friend, drink tea, etc.

    You’re also more likely to get inspired downloads (ideas, intuitive hunches, etc.) You’re also more likely to take action on those downloads.

    You’ll more likely to say YES to new & exciting opportunities.

    To start manifesting the person you want to be, you have to start embodying that person. You have to act from the place of worthiness, a place of love – of compassion, kindness, successful, and empowering state.

    If this is speaking to you, join the 5 day self love challenge below:

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