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A Dreamer's Thoughts on the 9-5 Grind.

The average American works 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 2080 hours a year for 40+ years. Those figures are on the light end of normal.

Personally, my life is saturated with work. I wake up at least an hour and a half early to get ready, spend 20-25 minutes on my commute, show up 20-30 minutes early to prepare for my day, take an hour lunch to decompress, assist clients for 8 hours with two 15’s, commute 20-25 minutes home; and, then spend a large portion of my evening unwinding, trying my best to curb the anxiety from a fast paced day.

All of the preparation, commute, lunch, decompression, all of the work demand, inflates that 8 hours into at least 11 hours of work themed thoughts.

I understand the importance of contributing to society, ie the economy, through having a “job,” something has to power the machine. But, I refuse to accept that this is the only way to run our lives. We get to spend nearly 3000 hours a year working for a corporation just to survive. A good bit of my money is accounted for before it even hits my bank account. Taxes (somehow isn’t theft), rent and utilities (for some reason shelter and water are not basic human rights), car and gas (to get to the job that I have so that I can work to pay for the car and gas), student loans and credit cards (because no one taught me how money and interest work so I am now teaching myself, paying for younger me’s mistakes).

You get the idea. I am frustrated.

Maybe I sound like an ungrateful twit, I have a college degree, a full-time job, decent car, there is food in my fridge, I live in my own place. What am I complaining about?

I, absolutely, DO NOT want to get to the end of my life and realize that the highlights of my days include one vacation per year, always being on time for work, and never missing a car payment.

There is a fire inside me that wants to create; a desire that seeks to survive without having to fill a generic role at an established corporation. These excessive hours of corporate servitude are how the majority of us spend our Adult lives. To me, it seems an inefficient and unfair exchange of time for survival tokens.

If you feel like you can relate in even the slightest way, please take a chance and follows what drives you. Please, don’t get caught in an unfulfilling 9-5 simply because it “pays the bills.”

Let your passion pay the bills, let your survival be dependent upon your

If you want to share your stress, fears, worries, hopes, strengths, or desires. PM me, I am always looking to collaborate with like minded individuals and am very interested in adding new faces to one of my Mastermind groups.


  • Billy

    I was lucky and figured out what you are saying from the age of 15 and watching my dad spend his life working in the mill. I’m 53 now and never filled out a job application. I taught myself to polish and powder coat in my garage and when I retired had 19 employees and a 5000 sqaure foot building.

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