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Bring your Dreams to Life Through a Vision Board.

If you have a goal or dream that you want to happen but you’re not using a vision board, you’re doing it wrong. In order for the universal law of attraction to work, you have to see your dream life happen before it can happen. It’s not the other way around. Everything that has ever been created started off with someone thinking about and envisioning it happening. This is what you must do. Of course that are many other steps that you have to do, as well, but this is a good start.

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For a dream to manifest, you have to be obsessed with it but willing to let it go. It seem contradictory, but when you let go of the need to control the situations to make it happen, you open more doors for it to happen. That is exactly why you need a vision board! Vision boards allow you to see the future you want to happen without it actually having to happen. When your mind see’s the vision board everyday, it is associating that life with you. It will start to believe that those things are in your life and start attracting more of it.


Creating a vision board isn’t hard and you probably have everything you need to do create one. My guess is you don’t know exactly how a vision board should look. That self-limiting belief is something I would like to break right now. Here are 3 steps to creating a vision board:

  1. Find scissors and a magazine, book, or ask friends and family for some if you don’t have any.
  2. Start cutting pictures and words that make you smile, feel good, think of positive, or aligned with what you want to see in your ideal life.
  3. Glue them on a piece of paper and hang them somewhere you can see every day.

Really simple.

Here are a few ways to categorize your vision board

  1. By goals: You can section off your paper into 3 parts, family & friends, career & business, and yourself (how you want to feel). Gather pictures and words and stick them under that category. You can make it a collage or organize it in a way that fits you best.
  2. By words and/or pictures: Some people prefer to separate the words and pictures. One section would be a vision/picture board and the other would be a word board. Many people believe that words are powerful to our subconscious since they automatically create a mental image.
  3. Randomly/What makes you feel good: Many people could care less how the vision board looks. This is exactly how I do my vision board. To me, my vision boards are a reflection of myself so I don’t put any limitation or rules on it. This is what I recommend.

Are you ready to start making a vision board now? Or do you want to continue trying to manifest your dreams without really doing anything??

Let me see your creations, my loves! Share them with me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter @HappyRichHippie.

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