This episode goes into my story and what led me to where I am today.

Listen to this episode and you’ll see how everything I wanted BEGAN manifesting when I started loving myself and caring about myself and my life ENOUGH to want to change it. THAT was the CATALYST!

Which is exactly why I’ve decided to start a 5 day self love challenge – MANIFESTING THROUGH SELF EMPOWERMENT.

This JOURNEY will help you embody your highest self and start living from that space so that you can create the lifestyle you desire – from the inside OUT!

From there, everything else will unfold.

I encourage you to do the same. Listen to this episode and please join me on this journey!

The official registration OPENS 2/8/19. If this is calling you, if you hear your soul telling you to do this, I’d love to be part of your self love TRANSFORMATION!!!

5 DAY SELF LOVE JOURNEY: www.happyrichhippie.com/selflove


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