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Stop counting sheep, and start an evening ritual that WORKS!

Do you ever struggle with falling asleep fast and staying asleep? During my teen years, I struggled a lot with insomnia. My record staying awake was 38 hours. I spent my time chatting with virtual friends and watching videos for inspiration and motivation.

There was a time when I assembled a grill that my dad bought that day. I started it around 4am and finished it around 6am. My mom woke up to find me laying next to it trying to rest my eyes. She was concerned and as was I.

Back then, I didn’t take care of myself as much as I do now. I didn’t have any evening or morning rituals or routines to make sure I slept well and woke up centered. That’s not the case anymore for a few reasons. Today, I wanted to share 4 things that I did to fall asleep faster and stay asleep all night. I hope these tips help you!


  1. I stopped drinking coffee after 12pm: I know many people say to stop drinking after 3pm, but I think noon is the best time to stop drinking coffee. I believe that if you drink anytime after 12pm, you’ll be more tempted to keep going until the work day is done. When you do that, you’re interrupting with the melatonin that helps you fall asleep at night. You’re also reducing your sleep by 2 hours and the quality of sleep is affected as well. If you’re going to drink coffee after noon, I highly recommend decaf or…
  2. I started drinking reishi Mushroom with hot cacao mix: This wonderful, fantastic, and relaxing drink is all you need in the evening. If you feel the urge to drink coffee, grab one of many reishi elixir mushroom drinks from Four Sigmatic. This drink doesn’t have any caffeine but it does have a relaxing affect. Reishi is an adaptogen that helps your body with adapting to challenging situations/conditions. It directs the body to relax when it’s under stress, which is what causes many of us to lose asleep. In addition…
  3. I started listening to guided meditations to help me fall asleep: I discuss guided meditations A LOT because of the many things they can help with. The specific guided meditation I used to fall asleep is yoga nidra. Yoga nidra guides you to relax all parts of your body so that you can fall asleep easier. Next time you have trouble sleeping, go on YouTube and type in “yoga nidra” and see how amazing it can be to help you fall asleep. There are also guided meditations that last 2-8 hours of sleep to make sure you get the proper amount of sleep. Lastly…
  4. I created an evening ritual: Evening rituals tell your body that you’re ready to fall asleep. When you do these rituals for at least 3 weeks, you’re body will automatically go into sleepy mode after the ritual is done. Rituals (or routines) could be journaling, stretching, watching a motivations video, or watching an episode of your favorite show (just 1, my love, haha). Part of my evening ritual is drinking my reishi mushroom drink, watching an episode of Parks and Recreation, and journaling (or doing a tarot reading).

I hope that helped! Hit the comment button and let me know: Which evening routines do you do that help you fall asleep easier? I’d love to hear from you!!


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